Pop Hunting in Las Vegas

Earlier this month, Jake and I took a little road trip to Vegas! We decided to do a little pop hunting while we were out there and were able to hit up a few of the local stores in Vegas. Here’s where we went!

Brad’s Toys and Collectibles
3380 E Russell Rd. #105, Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 563-9819
Monday-Saturday: 10AM-7PM
Sunday: 10AM-6PM

Brad’s Toys and Collectibles was the first shop we hit up in Vegas for our pop hunting adventure. This was the first place we went to as soon as we got to Vegas that day.


It’s located in a strip mall next to a gas station. I read that their previous location burned down and they relocated to this spot for now.


There was a display full of the larger Pops in the front along with Dorbz and boxes of mystery minis. There was also a shelf here full of loose mystery minis. The rest of the store has lots of older toys and action figures.


Near the front is where the common Pops can be found. They are organized by categories such as Pop! Marvel, Pop! Heroes, Pop! Movies, etc.



Behind the counter is where you can find the more expensive, more exclusive Pops.


Another look at the more exclusive stuff. There were a few more shelves to the left of this as well. Jake and I really liked Brad’s Toys. We talked with Brad himself who was a really cool, really chill guy. He told us most of the stuff in his store he acquires through trades so his stock is always changing. He posts stuff on his website as well and will ship things to you.


Here’s what we got at Brad’s Toys: Space Ghost, Miranda from Mass Effect, Spongebob Squarepants as a gift for Jake’s son, a Deadpool t-shirt, and this Retro Chrome Freddy Funko. We actually left and then came back to Brad’s Toys right before we left town. Jake had spied a Beavis Pop here but wasn’t sure he wanted it until we were about to leave Vegas. We went back and Jake was able to buy it for his collection.

Zia Record Exchange
Two Locations in Vegas
4225 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 735-4942
Open 7 Days a Week: 10AM-12AM


Our next stop was not too far away from Brad’s Toys. It’s Zia Record Exchange! I saw on Yelp they had a few Pops so we went to check it out.


We didn’t see a whole lot a first. Just a few shelves under a book counter.



We also spied a few Wacky Wobbles and Vinyl Idolz.


On the other side of the store we found a larger Pop area featuring a bunch of different commons. Nothing in order, just random stuff. It was worth it to hit it up and check it out, but we didn’t find anything here at Zia Record Exchange. They do have a special if it’s over 102 degrees outside, you get a discount on your order, haha.

The Pop Shack
At The Boulevard Mall
3680 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite 122, Las Vegas
Monday-Saturday: 10AM-9PM
Sunday: 11AM-7PM


Our next stop took us to The Boulevard Mall in Vegas.


To The Pop Shack!


They’ve got quite a lot of different commons here at the Pop Shack.




There’s a locked up case in the back that has the more valuable Pops. Pops are priced a bit above Pop Price Guide’s values.



My eyes lit up and I got really excited when I saw Dorothy & Toto! I qualmed a little at the price but this isn’t a Pop you see everyday! Jake encouraged me to go for it and I did! Dorothy and Toto is now happily a part of my Funko Pop collection.

Happy Panda Toys
Inside the Arts Factory
107 E Charleston Blvd #120B, Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 516-3432
Tuesday-Thursday: 11AM-6PM
Friday-Saturday: 11AM-7PM
Closed Sunday and Monday


The next day we headed to the Arts District in Vegas (I didn’t even know Vegas had an Arts District!).


The store we were heading to this time was inside this funky Arts Factory building. Walking through the halls in here there was a ton of different galleries and lots of artwork on the walls.


Happy Panda Toys is through that orange door.


As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with this wall full of Pops! I haven’t seen a store display Pops like this before, where the Pops are out of box so you can fully see what they look like. I think it’s a cool idea to display them this way. Boxes are all turned to the side as well to fit more boxes on the shelves.


There were a few more Pops over on this side wall but mostly it was other brands and other toys.


They had the Summer Convention Exclusive Pops in a behind a glass case. These were the only exclusives they had available at Happy Panda Toys.


A few mystery minis and other blind box toys.


A few other cool toys. Here at Happy Panda Toys they always have one of the blind box toys on display. You can open your purchased blind box in the store and if you don’t like what you got, you can exchange it for the toy that’s on display. I ended up doing this for a Walking Dead mystery mini box that I opened. They had a zombie I didn’t have yet on display so I swapped for that one.


The also had a clearance section for Pops. This were mostly older, not as popular Pops in this section.

The Toy Box
Downtown Summerlin
1980 Festival Plaza Dr Suite 175, Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 776-8690
Monday-Saturday: 10AM-9PM
Sunday: 11AM-7PM

Our last stop was at a place we visited earlier in the year called The Toy Box. This place is in Downtown Summerlin which is about 20-25 minutes west of the Strip.


OMG they had SO MANY mystery minis. It was crazy! We discovered they had Series 1 Walking Dead mystery minis and went a little extra crazy getting a few of those boxes. Pulled a few good ones but mostly doubles. I have a serious love-hate relationship with blind boxes. I love them for the mystery but I also hate it when I get doubles!!


Dorbz, dorbz everywhere! I didn’t even know they made this many Dorbz. Dorbz are not really my thing except for a select few.


Their whole back wall is full of common Pops! There’s more than this, I just didn’t feel like taking that many photos of their giant wall o’ Pops.


More Pops plus lots of Pop Rides.


Below all the Pop rides.


In the back in one of the locked up glass cases are where the expensive, hard to find Pops are. Safely locked away from prying hands. Prices seemed to be a bit higher here and we didn’t find anything we just had to have here. But always worth a look.

And there you have it – our complete Pop Hunting adventure in Vegas! We hope to share more Pop Hunting adventures with you in the future! Are there any spots in Vegas that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Pop Hunting in Las Vegas

  1. Oh my god I just learned so much about pops from this post! Dorothy pop was really cute! Also, the trade-in mystery box thing is a great idea. I’ve only bought one mystery marvel(?) item and it turned out to be groot… sold it later on ebay to cover part of the costs. Fun read!

    1. Hi Lynn – Thanks for reading!!! haha! Yes, I love the trade in idea, it makes it less worrisome to buy those blind boxes. I love the Dorothy pop, more so because she’s got Toto in her arms!

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