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Geeky Fashion and Funky Hats

I’m not really one for fashion, per say. When I dress myself in the morning I try to look relatively matched. I’m more likely to wear funky socks with Harry Potter or Star Wars on stuff on them. I am kind of a sucker for hats and headbands in general though and here are just a couple of items from my collection.


I actually bought this Princess Leia headband rocking the side buns last December before Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out. I got them at Hot Topic for less than $20. Did I even wear them to go see the movie??? Nope. They cover my ears and make it harder to hear stuff. BOO. But I did wear them earlier this year when Jake and I went to the Crack Shack on May the 4th (be with you). We rocked our Star Wars shirts that day, too. Awwwww yeah.


Earlier this year, Jake and I went up to Washington. We went to a comic book store and I saw this Totoro hat and I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. I mean, hello?!?! It’s a Totoro hat with paws that hang down to warm your hands! I had to have it and luckily Jake bought it for me. It’s super cute and I can’t wait to wear it more this “winter” (like we really have a real winter here in San Diego).


My dog, Maya, is modeling the hat for you so you can see it better.



Isn’t she a good model?


My very latest find is this SUPER AWESOME Louise hat from Bob’s Burgers! The bunny ears do not stay up while I’m driving in the car so I have to readjust them when I get out but they stay up surprisingly well. I haven’t gotten any weird looks or comments while wearing this one so far which is only slightly surprising to me.

I’m also obsessed with “Pretend Ears” or ear headbands (like eeyore, bunny ears, dog ears, frog ears, etc.) and I have a crap ton of those. I love them! I used to wear them more when I was younger and in my 20’s and now they get forgotten more often than not. I should start wearing a different one each week, if I remember to do it!

Do you have any fan-tabulous hats or headbands that you love to wear? Share about them in the comments below!

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