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I’ve recently started getting into some photography and photoshop editing! Finally my work skillz are coming to use in my hobby life. On Instagram there’s a community/account called “Top Funko Photography” that I started following and participating in. They have nightly themes where you take a photo featuring at least one Funko product and fit in into the theme for that evening. There are multiple groups out there and various days of the week have different themes as well, such as “Mighty Funko Monday” (heroes), “Pop Twin Tuesdays (twins, duh), “Wicked Wednesday (evil peeps”, etc. Here are a few of the photos I’ve been posting on Instagram the last few weeks!


This was for a “Pop Twin Tuesday”. It featured the normal Fizzgig and the Fizzgig from the “chase” variant that comes with Kira from The Dark Crystal.


I don’t remember what this one was for. I was originally just playing around with it in Photoshop and was trying to edit the background to make it look kind of space-y. I had just gotten the Ray Gun Freddy and thought it would be funny to make it look like he was trying to arrest the Astronaut Freddy.


This one was for a Top Funko Photo theme called “Head Swap”. They wanted folks to swap heads on their Pops or Dorbz but I wasn’t comfortable doing that! Instead I choose Tenth Doctor’s regeneration as a “Head Swap”. He’s still wearing Ninth Doctor’s clothes so I felt that was close enough.


This Top Funko Photo theme was “What’s on the Menu”. Jake and I were going out for dinner so I brought Nibbler along and posed him next to this gigantic burrito. Nom nom nom.


“Any zombies out there?”

“Don’t say that!”




“The zed-word. Don’t say it!”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s ridiculous!”

“All right… are there any out there, though?”

“I can’t see any. Maybe it’s not as bad as all that… Oh, no, there they are.”

This theme was “The Best of Friends”.


“I Heart You” was the theme for this photo. I figured most people would do human relationships but I wanted to do one with a dog instead! I made the big moon in photoshop and added in the hearts and tree branches as well.


This one’s theme was “Netflix and Chill”. I was a bit confused when I was reading the comments on this one since people were saying to keep it PG. I had already made the photo when I looked up what “Netflix and Chill” meant and was …. surprised, to say the least. This is my innocent version of “Netflix and Chill”.


“Turn a New Leaf” made me think of Wash from Firefly right off the bat!


I racked my brain for a little while for the “Blast from the Past” theme and finally decided to use Dorothy and Toto for this one. I was a little worried about taking her out of the box but in the end I decided it was worth it.


This is my “alt” version for “Blast from the Past” that I ended up not using. But it’s still cool!


I was not the only person who immediately thought of Dobby and socks for “Nice and Cozy”.


This is one of my favorites which was for the theme “Tell Me a Story”.


Again, instead of humans I used dogs for the theme “FALL in For You”.


When I saw the theme “On the Rocks” my thoughts immediately when to my Cosmo pop. Cosmo is featured at the very end of the Guardians of the Galaxy as part of the Collector’s …. collection. This is the day I discovered we had NO martini glasses and I ended up using this smaller glass instead. Luckily it was frosted so it was a bit easier to fake the cosmo “liquid” inside the glass.


“Song and Dance” made me think of Bowie and these Labyrinth pops! I had a hard time choosing a background though since I waited a bit too long to start editing before the slotted posting time. I wasn’t totally happy with this one.


And finally for “Countdown to Halloween” I used a bloodied up Chucky doll slashing out the days until Halloween. This is one of Jake’s pops since I think Chucky is creepy as hell.

I wasn’t able to really participate last week since I was too busy but hopefully I’ll get to do more funko photography this week! You can follow along and see my new work over on our Instagram account @thisgeekylife.

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