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Geeky Products: Sonic Blue GlamGlow

Way back in July when Jake was doing some pop hunting during Comic Con, he snagged me this GlamGlow stuff that they were giving away. GlamGlow partnered with Sega to release this special geeky face mask. It’s “Sonic Blue”, just like Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic Blue GlamGlow

I had no idea what this stuff was but hey – it was kinda geeky and I wanted to try it out! Let me say now that I’m not really into makeup or doing facial treatments or anything like that. I had to look up what this stuff was before I ever even used it!

GlamGlow Gravity Mud is supposed to help firm up your skin and make it feel “tight”. It’s a special face mask that you’re supposed to use twice a week for benefits and crap. Normally it’s silver!

Hello Sexy

Hello to you, too.

Bottle of GlamGlow


GlamGlow contents

Inside the box is the GlamGlow, a little paintbrush, and some instructions.

Trying out GlamGlow: Sonic Version

Let’s do this.

Trying out GlamGlow: Sonic Version

Trying out GlamGlow: Sonic Version

Sparkly blue!

Dipping the brush into the GlamGlow

The GlamGlow was a thick, shiny liquid. You dip the paintbrush into the goo and apply a layer of it to your face.

Trying out GlamGlow: Sonic Version

What am I doooooooooing?

Trying out GlamGlow: Sonic Version

The GlamGlow is pretty easy to apply. You simply “paint” it onto your face in an even layer, being sure to avoid your eye sockets (because being able to see is awesome) and your lips.

Trying out GlamGlow: Sonic Version

Then, apparently, you make funny faces in the mirror and wait 20-30 minutes for the GlamGlow to “do its thing” and firm up your skin and stuff. I just liked that I was shiny and blue!

Peeling off the GlamGlow

Then after your prolonged waiting period you get to do the fun part – you get to peel it off!

Now I watched a promo video for GlamGlow and they got it off in one swoop. Me on the other hand? Yeah. No. It came off in pieces for me.

Peeling off the GlamGlow

It was quite satisfying to peel off the layers of the mask though. It was like opening a new package! But it was on your face!

Peeling off the GlamGlow

I had a bit of fun peeling off all the layers of blue former goo.

Peeling off the GlamGlow

I like how this photo makes it look like I have crusty blue boogers. Heh.

Peeling off the GlamGlow

It almost looks like the remnants of blue skin after you peel it off!

Peeling off the GlamGlow

And here I am, now mostly free of the GlamGlow Sonic blue goo. I will attest to the fact that my skin did in fact feel a bit tighter and firmer and kind of tingly afterwards. Plus I also just had fun peeling it off!

Here’s a little video I made of the process. I’m not great at making videos, so please forgive me.

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